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Our Story

Regina and Benjamin Lyles founded Bikini Beans Coffee in Phoenix in 2014. The couple moved to Arizona from the world center for coffee roasting, Seattle, Washington, bringing with them ample expertise and a kindled passion for all things coffee. With high entrepreneurial spirits amidst a sweltering state, they knew an ordinary coffee shop just wasn’t enough.

Our AZ Coffee Shops

So instead, Regina and Benjamin Lyles embarked on a wholly unique concept—something that would distinguish their Arizona coffee shops from the leading coffee franchises in one of the hottest states in the country. And that’s when the idea came to them: Bikini Baristas.

Bikini Beans is more than just a bikini coffee shop. It’s a powerhouse that uplifts coffee enthusiasts, tea drinkers, and protein shake lovers alike through a unique business model that empowers individuals to demonstrate self confidence. Most importantly, they use quality coffee beans that are roasted right in the valley. Bikini Beans wanted their customers to feel appreciated and recognized as an individual, not simply a transaction. To achieve this, Bikini Beans focuses diligently on the details: remembering customers’ names and orders, asking guests to try their drink before leaving, and waving goodbye with a friendly smile.

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Coffee & More

Their wide menu of coffee drinks, specialty frappes, energy drinks, teas, smoothies, and more, is curated with everyone in mind and made of the highest quality ingredients. Since its first location in Phoenix, Bikini Beans continues to expand—now with five locations throughout Arizona, this is just the beginning.

Bikini Beans Coffee is proud to be family owned and operated. The family is committed to expanding Bikini Beans Coffee into a drive-through franchise nationwide. Bikini Beans Coffee aims to inspire those around the world to live life to the fullest, every single day, and it starts with a cup of Bikini Beans coffee.

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The EEFFOC Mantra

Spell coffee forward or backward, we don’t give EEFFOC. Our mantra is to empower self-confidence by not giving EEFFOC about what others think. Have the confidence to say “I don’t give EEFFOC” about the judgment or opinion of others. The only opinion that matters is your own!

Bikini Barista Coffee Shop Concept

Why the bikini barista concept and what is a Bikini Barista? The bikini represents empowerment, freedom, functionality, and togetherness. The bikini concept is a bold initiative to do what we want and love what we do— and to never conform to anyone’s standard of what defines a successful uniform. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page! Do you think you’ve got what it takes to Join the Bean Gang!?


Five locations across the Valley, find a Bikini Beans coffee stand near you!

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